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I recently did a podcast  which aired in July 2017 with James Miller (  The podcast is titled: Use Your Emotions Effectively.  In the podcast, I discuss:

  • What emotions are and the emotional process.
  • How I got into the field of Psychology.
  • How I went from TEA (The Emotions Avoider) to TED (The Emotions Doctor).
  • How to strategically deploy anger as an effective tool.

This is a very informative podcast and worth listening to.


In a live interview, Janet Pfeiffer and Ed Daube discuss using emotions such as anxiety and anger as tools. The interview covers the Emotions as Tools Model, a two-step approach to mastering your emotions, the difference between reacting and responding to an emotion (and an easy way to remember the difference), and the role of forgiveness in facilitating mastering one’s emotions.

Video: Metaphor and Habit

This is a video segment from a lecture given to Psychology Interns at the Ventura Youth Correctional Facility.  The segment covers using common experiences as metaphors for whatever topic you are trying to discuss.  Several examples, including changing a habit, are discussed.