My Holiday Greeting.

In my last post, I suggested that you put your list of changes you want to make in 2023 and your 2-3 action steps for each change away and jump into the Holiday Season. You will revisit this list in January.

I hope you did this.  If not, you can go back to my earlier posts and make the list later.  Just remember to do it.

That said…

I want to wish you and yours…

Happy Chanukah


A Very Merry Christmas


Happy Kwanza

And, of course…

Happy New Year.

Thankyou for staying with me, reading my posts, and, hopefully telling your friends and associates about this website so they can begin to master their emotions as strategic tools.

See you in January.

Ed Daube, Ph.D.,  The Emotions Doctor.

Just a reminder to revisit your list and write your action steps.

This post is a follow-up to my 11/9/2022 post in which I suggested that New Year’s resolutions didn’t work and that there was a more effective way to facilitate changing your life in 2023.

That being said, I am assuming that you are still serious about improving your life in the coming year.

So, let’s continue.

At the beginning of November, I suggested you think about 2-3 changes in some arena of your life that you believe would make your life better in 2023.

And, then, I suggested you write these changes down on paper.

If you haven’t made this list yet, no worries, take a moment sometime after you have read this post and make your list.


Now that you have made your list, I am suggesting you take a few minutes during the next 10 days (12/7 to 12/17) to add 2-3 action steps that you can take that will move you forward in accomplishing the specific change you have indicated you will make in 2023.

These action steps should be doable by you.

Notice that I did not say that would insure that change.  If your action steps allow you to complete the change you’ve noted, great. Just moving you closer to that change is good  enough.  You can make some corrections later if you need to.

Hence, I said “move you forward” for three reasons.

  1. I am trying here to put you on a path that you can stay on.
  2. I know that making any progress will elicit the emotions of happiness, satisfaction, self-worth and others and
  3. The energy of these emotions will serve as a motivator to keep working on the change which is now more available to you.

This is using your emotions as strategic tools.

Once you have added 2-3 action steps to the 2-3 changes you will make in 2023, put the list away and jump into the Holiday season.

You will revisit this list in January when you can focus your attention on your action steps and move into 2023.